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The World Trade Center was the center of global trade. The WTC was attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001. In 2003 we invaded Iraq and have been at war ever since. The attack on the WTC not only affected the United States economy but the worlds too. There were four planes that crashed on 9-11.

The Twin Towers were not just the largest trade center in the world,they also were a symbol of the global economy. They were not just destroyed to affect the U.S. but to wreck the global economy. Since the New York Stock Exchange was in the close vicinity of the WTC, the stock exchange was closed down, shutting our economy down for more than a day. After the towers were destroyed, we went to war with Afghanistan, (where battles are still taking place almost ten years later), because of their attack on our country. This has produced many problems for us in the states such as gas prices and the recession. We have put so much money into the war on terrorism and now our economy is suffering for it . The attacks on 9/11 were not just on the trade centers, but they were also on the pentagon and heading towards the Capitol Building, but the passengers on Flight 93 prevented that from happening. The attacks on 9/11 were not just to hurt the Global Economy it was directed right at our country as a whole, think about it... The Pentagon, the center of the United States Military was also attacked to hurt one of our most powerful assets, what else would get the U.S. Military more angry than attacking there "base" which made us attack them. And if the attack on the Capitol building went through that would have tore our country apart.

Essential Questions For Our Project
1.) Why did the terrorists attack the Twin Towers?
2.) How did this affect world trade?
3.) Why do the terrorists consider us their enemies?
4.) What was the major key to why we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan?
5.) What impact did the terrorist attack have on our economy?
6.) How did the terrorist attack affect other countries economies?

7.) What are the benefits and consequences of invading Iraq?

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