Researchers: Jamie S, Jacqie B, Megan J, Cat B

Our group is focusing on what the world spends the most money on; we are hoping that this will help up to determine the future of the economy all over the world. Megan is focusing on the economy in the United States and South Africa, while Jamie is studying Canada and Mexico. Cat is exploring China and Iraq, and Jacqie is researching the economy in England and Japan. By focusing on the economy in these places in the past and present, we hope to determine the future.

What are Americans and other major playes in the world economy buying?
How is it affecting the world economy?
How do the items people are buying today compare to what people were buying 10 years ago?
How will today's spending affect the future of the world economy?


The National Association of Federal Credit Unions is a trade company that represents the interests of federal credit unions before the federal government and the public. Membership in the NAFCU is not divided by leagues or states. Membership is direct.

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Companies mission is to coordinate and unify the petroleum policies of Member Countries and ensure the stabilization of oil markets in order to secure an efficient, economic and regular supply of petroleum to consumers, a steady income to producers and a fair return on capital to those investing in the petroleum industry.

European Countries:

(Brazil, Russia, India and China)
Many people predict that by the year 2050 BRIC will be the wealthiest countries in the world.

European Union:
"The European Union (EU) has established a single economic market across the territory of all its members; a single currency is in use between 16 members.
The EU generated an estimated nominal gross domestic product of US$18.39 trillion in 2008, amounting to over 22% of the world's total economic output in terms of purchasing power parity. It's the largest economy in the world and the second largest trade bloc economy in the world, the largest exporter of goods and the second largest importer; it is also the biggest trading partner to several large countries such as India and China." www.wikipedia.com

We are also going to keep track of what we are buying as individuals throughout the PBL process.

Tracking our Spending

Meg- May 10th: Card for mother- $.99
May 11th: Pictures- $2.00
Razor- $3.00
May 12th: Breakfast at Young's- $4.35
May 23rd: 2 plaques- $8.00
Movie tickets- $19.00
Popcorn/Candy- $9.00
McDonald's Dinner- $7.00
Hat- $2.00
Bathing Suit- $27.00

Jacquelyn -
Juice- $1.79
5/24: ICEE- $4.00
4 Pretzels- $12.00 (Buy 3 get one Free)
Shoes- $40.00
Dress- $85.00
Hershey candy bar- $0.79
Brownie- $8.00
5/25: Shampoo- $4.00
Conditioner- $4.00

Cat- May 10th: dinner at Young's - $1.00 ( employee discount )
Arizona Iced Tea $0.88
May 11th: candles- $15.00
Food- $10.00
Paper- $2.00
May 12th: Food Handler's Card- $15.00
May 13th: 5ive Gum: $1.28
Eye Liner: $6.42
Notebook: $4.47
May 14th: Strawberry Milkshake- $2.20
Sour Patch Kids- $1.99
May 25: XXX Vitamin Water- $1.00
King Size Heath Bar- $1.00
May 26th: Strawberry Melon juice drink- $1.25

I got paid! - $163.27

May 27th: Egg McMuffin: $2. 27
XXX Vitamin Water: $1.06
Gummy Fish: $1.06
Crunch&Munch: $1:06
ER Visit: $25 copay.

Jamie- May 9th: Ryans - $7.00
May 14th: Subway for two - $12.50
May 16th: SunnyD - $1.25
Slimjim - $0.50
(I don't buy much)

Made In USA:
BIC Products.
NYC products.
Bath & Body Works products.
Abercrombie & Fitch products.
Columbia Records CDs.
Crystal Light Drink Mixes.
Penguin Publishers.
Softlips products.
Secret products.
Orajel products.
Sexy Curves Cosmetics.
Maybelline New York Cosmetics.
Covergirl Cosmetics.
C.O. Bigelow Cosmetics.
Tide products.
Top Flight Paper products.
Lady Speed Stick products.
Tommy Girl perfumes.
Revlon Cosmetics.
Diamond Lip Treatments.
Duct Tape.
Sharpie products.
Post-It products.
Lip Smackers products.
Beauty Rush by Victoria's Secret products.
Aquafina water.

Made in CHINA:
Kodak products.
Body Nature products.
Rolling Sushi, YO.
Dove products.
Claire's products.
Vigoss Jeans.
Chateau products.
Lexar products.
U3 Thumbdrives.
Plastic Ghost, YO.
Converse products.
Commotion products.
Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker products.
Jackie Products.
X-acto Pencil Sharpeners.
Rue 21 Sunglasses.
George products.

Made in MEXICO:
Special K products.
Expo Markers.
Jafra Cosmetics.

Made in ITALY:
Texas Instruments Calculators.
MAX Cosmetics.
Revlon Cosmetics. (Also made in USA)

Made in JAPAN:
Casio Calculators.

Made in CANADA:
L'Oreal Cosmetics.
Sephora Cosmetics.

A Touch Of Everything T-Shirts.

Made in GERMANY:
Prestige products.

Made in KOREA:
Broadway Nail Art.

Made in PERU:
Old Navy clothing.

Made in INDIA:
Old Navy purses.

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How much do Americans spend in a year at fast food restaurants?

134 billion dollars

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How much does an American spend on health care each year?:

In 2004, the US spent $1.9 trillion dollars or roughly $6,280 per individual.

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How Much Does America Spend on Gas Per Year?

The U.S. Spends an average of twelve trillion dollars on gas annually

How much does America spend on advertising each year?

  • 9 months ago
According to Advertising Age magazine, advertising spend in the US for 2007 reached $149 billion broken down as follows:

Outdoor = $4.02B
Internet = $11.31B
Magazinee = $30.33B
Newspapers = $28.22B
Radio = $10.69B
Cable TV = $18.02B
Syndicated TV = $4.17B
Spot TV = $16.82B
Network TV = $25.42B

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How much does china spend on fast food a year?

This question has not been answered yet.


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Approximately how much does a gallon of gas cost in China?

About $1.54 per gallon

BEIJING - China's advertising spending, having experienced strong growth in 2006, is expected to climb 20% this year and even higher in 2008, driven by next year's Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, according to a recent report.

CALGARY - The average price of gasoline across Canada has risen above $1 per litre for the first time in seven months.