Robyn W.
Molly H.
Amber T.
Keith M.

April 7, 1932
"The forgotten man at the bottom of the economic pyramid."
July 2, 1932 - Accepting the presidential nomination
"I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people."
March 4, 1933 - Inaugural address
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself:"
Franklin Roosevelt

Driving Questions:

1.) Which countries were effected most by World War ll?
2.) Were these countries effected negatively or positively?
3.) Why were they effected this way?
4.) Why were the effects in certain countries different?
5.) How did World War II lead into global tension which led to problems with global trade?

Our project will contain the effects of World War ll on the global economy. It will explain which countries were effected and in what ways they were effected. We will also explain why the countries were effected in the ways that they were. We will focus on the global economy during world war two and also somewhat the aftermath. (cold war)

Our project's main focus will be the strange effects on countries economies. America's economy was the only country positively effected by world war two. Why? World war two pulled our country out of the Great Depression, and crushed many others.

America- America's economy was suffering before the war. The problems were caused by the global Great Depression. The rearmament of the US was what stimulated our economy. So, WW2 improved America's economy.

France- France's economy post WW1 and into the great depression was very stagnant. After WW2 ended they started new industries which got the country's economy working again.

Japan- Japan was in a feudal system, then in the post war era the system broke down. New companies such as Nissan and Mitsubishi started bringing the country strongly into the new era. Their economy was better than ever.

Italy- Italy's economy was very weak before the war. They didn't have any money to support the battle, but were involved anyway. They became more and more dependent on Germany to supply them with ammunition and other supplies for the troops. As Germany's situation worsened so did Italy's. Finally, they were forced to basically drop out of the war.

Russia- The war wasn't particularly good for the Russian economy. They were still communist and very unstable after the war. After world war two, the US and Russia went into a period of tension known as the cold war. It was a bad time because there was the threat of all out nuclear war. This proves the instability

Britain- Britain's economy was devastated by WW2. Their trading was cut off by Germany. They put lots of money into the war effort, and suffered extensive damage from bombings.

Germany- Germany's stakes during the war were much like the US's. Their economy improved because of rearmament, but in the end they lost the war and had to pay greatly.