A Standiford, C Harris, and L Wise


Our project is on American versus German views of the Great Depression.We have made maps and showed the important parts of the U.S and Europe.These parts are the most important.We have also come up with some essential questions that relate to our project.

Essential Questions
What was the status of the world during the Great Depression?
The status of the world during the Great Depression was awful.The world was in great distress at this time.Many people starved, and others got sick.Many people went bankrupt.People lost their jobs and their homes.There was a disaster called the “Dust Bowl” in the Midwest.Many crops and livestock died, and even more people went hungry during this disaster.The stock market crashed.Because the United States was in distress, other countries suffered.We were so busy trying to help ourselves and not go hungry that we did not export any goods, and they starved because of it.

2.)When was the Great Depression and why did it happen?
The Great Depression happened around the 1930’s and the reason why it happened was because of the stock market crash in New York.

3.) What events helped the Great Depression end?
The major turn around of the American economy was when Pearl Harbor got bombed and when World War II. Once WWII was starting, people and the industry became essential to war effort. Weapons, artillery, ships, and airplanes were needed quickly.

In conclusion, the United States was in great distress during the Great Depression, and other countries suffered because of it.Other countries include Germany, and others.People lost their jobs.Many went hungry.The Great Depression was not something you wanted to experience.

Narrative Essay
We thought that this project has been the hardest and the shortest project we have done this year. When we first began, we were very stressed out and confused. Nobody in our group knew how to use Google Maps. We were so frustrated with the whole thing. Luckily, Mr. Swiger gave us the website for techsteps. It showed us all that we needed to know.
At the beginning of the project, we had no idea what to do. Once Mr. Swiger showed an example on the board, we knew how we were going to make it and what we were going to do. There was a part when we were panicking. We had no information. When one of us finally took the time to look for good information, it still led to more questions. Then, one of our group members left for 3 days.
We panicked even more. We still managed to get the maps done. There was another time when one of our group members was absent. This time it was worse. This member had the information with them. We had to go without it for the day. This put us even more behind.
This project has been as much fun as it was stressful. We had fun working with our friends. Choosing the groups was probably the best thing. We could talk while we worked. We still got the work done.
Sometimes we were too tired to work. We just wanted to sleep. We worked so much at night, we could not work during the day. It was so frustrating. We managed to do it with help. In the end, we are glad to have this project done and over with.