Kassy J.
Kristine M.
Laura M.
Chase C.

The Renaissance was a rebirth in culture. It began in Florence, Italy and spread throughout Europe. It lasted roughly three centuries, from the 14th century to the 17th century.
The prominent feature of the Renaissance was the interest in learning. Great men, also known as "Renaissance Men," such as Leonardo da Vinci emerged. These Renaissance Men created great art and countless ideas and inventions. Science and mathematics also advanced during the Renaissance, as did philosophy, with the start of studies such as humanism.
Art was also a big part of the Renaissance. It may also be the most memorable. Artists like Michelangelo and Paphael came into the picture. The art they created, like the Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, would become timeless and unforgettable. Without the Renaissance, the world would be nothing like it is today.

Essential Questions:
~How did the Renaissance change the world?
~How did it affect the economy?
~Did Renaissance artists affect the economy?
~What effect did the "Renaissance Man" have on the economy, business, trade, etc.?