Results of the Crusades

By, Caitlin Woods and Kayla Snyder
In this chapter we learned about the results of the Crusades. We also learned about how much the Crusades influences the spreading of the Black Death.
How did the Crusades help the growth of cities?
The Crusades helped the growth of cities because all the fighting caused people to migrate to new places and build new cities.
What was the significance of the growth of trade to the Black Death?
The growth of trade contributed greatly to the spread of the Black Death because with all the trade ships going from city to city it made a very easy route for the disease to spread through.
How did the results of the Crusades cause the Black Death?
Due to all of the traveling that was involved for the Crusades to even take place it was a huge cause of the Black Death. When ships would travel from city to city the rats that carried the disease would board their ships and get off in the new place. This caused the Black Death to spread much more rapidly than it would have if the Crusades had not been going on. Without the Crusades the Black Death might have been isolated to one area and wouldn’t have caused so many deaths that it affected the population majorly.
During the Crusades the global economy was awful. It was very simple to tell the social classes because you were either poor and living on the streets or rich. There really was no middle class during this period. The Crusades caused Europe to be in turmoil for two centuries. The Catholic Church and the power of the Papacy experienced vast increases because of the Crusades.
All in all, the Crusades did awful things to the economy during that time. It also caused diseases to spread more rapidly and killed many people. In some ways I guess you could say that it helped some things because it helped to establish trade routes and the growth of cities.