Investigating the Global Economy: Past, Present, and Future

Driving Question:

How can our knowledge of the connections between trade/exchange, resources, energy, and the global economy in the past help us predict the future of the global economy in the 21st Century?

Entry Event: Investigating the Global Economy: Past, Present, and Future

You and your classmates like to drive vehicles and in some cases are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to do so. In recent years as you have begun to think about driving, finances have kept you and your family from driving as much as you’d like because of fluctuating gasoline prices. In your class discussions, you’ve found out that others in your class have missed vacations, field trips, concerts, and extracurricular activities, all because of gasoline prices. In fact, your teacher mentioned that it happened to him/her once before during an earlier oil embargo.

Recently, gas prices went down drastically and nobody in your group can explain why that type of energy has gone down in price, while many of the other energy products such as natural gas and electricity have continued to go up in price. All that you’ve heard is that global demand for oil is driving the gasoline prices and dictates whether you get to do what you want or not.

As you’ve now learned in your world history class, globalization isn’t something that has happened overnight. You’ve been approached by your world history teacher to explain the history of globalization, fiscal policies, and how that knowledge can help predict the future. As experts in World History, you need to be able to explain how that knowledge can empower students to be successful in the 21st Century. You should also be able to explain to other students how present issues in economics, politics and American society are affected by globalization, including factors such as fuel costs.

You should utilize multiple texts in the classroom, Internet Search Engines, as well as interviewing faculty members, community members, college professors, or other experts in these areas. This thorough prediction of the future needs to explain how people should adjust to the future based on possible changes in the job market. It should also show how the future trends may or may not be so different from the past when talking about the global economy, energy, and the environment.

Be prepared to present your predictions to a panel of adult experts in a multimedia format. You have two weeks to prepare the presentation.