Lance M.
Tyler C.
Demi K.
Luke L.
Michael W.

Essential Questions:
1)How does the economy effect the fluxuating oil prices?
Simply put, the dramatic change in gas and oil prices daily, affects everyone in their daily lives no matter how small the action. When people dont buy vehicles or dont take vacations the oil prices drop due to loss of demand which does not stimulate the economy.

2)Did the oil prices get higher or lower as the economy crumbled?
The oil prices got lower as the economy got worse because no one had the money to buy it ,so the demand for oil went down and so did the price.
3)How often will the gas prices fluxuate after the economy returns to normal?
The price will rise because of the demand for more gas,companies will raise prices to gain lost profit.

4)How is the global economy driven by the actions taken specifically in America, and or the international super powers?
Because America and other superpowers stimulate poorer countries economies with more force than their actually economic policies and if we're in a recession the whole world is. This holds true especially today in our day and age.

5)Is the Global Economy effected by the rising oil prices or are the oil prices effected by the global economy?
Either way you look at it the topic can be spun to fit each side of the arguement. Each topic has no superiority in meaning than the other.

We are solely responsible for the explaination and introduction of the Global Economies past, present, and future. Specifically how it has affected the people around the world dealing with their lifestyles and culture. Globalization has effected the whole world for centuries, and especially now in the modern and age and it will continue to become more crucial in the future. The most prominent factor in all of histrory is the relations between countries,how this has effected their cluture,and how it has effected its people. This can be tied to the Silk Road and which brings me to explain the importance of trade and overall social interaction between people. Interaction between nations can be seen througfhout history to have negative consequences( see chap 12,13, and 14) as well as posative. And in our technological society today information is key to sucess and survival. Advances in science and medicine have made us superior in our generation than to any other in history because our ability to adapt and fix the economy and humanity as a whole,although it may seem futile at times hardwork is present. For example, the liberation of Iraq from dictatorship. The postaive concept can be that we have shed the light of democracy on a new nation, but some may argue that the war on terror has contributed to our curent state of recession. In conclusion, throughout history just like Newtons law every action has an equal an opposite reaction, for better or worse.

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